2 drives no accepted


I have 5 - 500GB external passport drives.

3 are older drives and I can hook all 3 up and my computer will recognize all 3 at the same time giving each a unique drive letter

On the other hand I noticed the 2 newer drives (roughly 1 year old bought last Christmas 2010) won’t work if both connected it will only find one of the drives. Both drives do work if connected alone but if I try and hook bothup at the same time it ignores one while accepting the other.

I can also have my 3 older drives hooked up and one new drive and is fine is only related to the 2 new drives at the same time.

Anyone else have this issue and if so is there a solution to allow both to be hooked at the same time to access both??? :neutral_face:




It’s a windows problem. Please look at this.


It applies to any type of external drives.

It only takes a few minutes and you only need to change one.

Hope this helps.

Thanks will give it a try and let you know!

Well I can get part way through this and then get stuck. What do I need to do to actually change the sig? I tried the below from that page but it doesn’t seem to do anything to change the sig

To change the signature to some other number, type "uniqueid disk ID=[NEW SIGNATURE]" (without the quotes) where "[NEW SIGNATURE]" stands for the new identifier you want for the disk (without the square brackets and without the quotes). However, before you do that, you may want to type "help uniqueid disk", which will give you more information on how the command works. You may also want to find out the disk signatures of your other disks on your system before you modify your current one so that you don't cause a new signature collision in trying to solve your current problem. In addition, if you're really not sure how many digits you should give your disk, perhaps try changing only one digit of the current signature (eg, increasing or decreasing it by 1).


Did you manage to query the current signature of the disk?

If so, make a note of it. Make sure you are running DISKPART as ADMINISTRATOR.

Then to update it

uniqueid disk ID=[NEW SIGNATURE]" 

Where NEW SIGNATURE is what you queried earlier and made a note of but make sure you change one digit. Just add one to the last one. It may be a number or a letter.

You can then query it as you did earlier to confirm the change. Let me know if you get stuck again and exactly what you have done. Am working tonight so won’t  be around til tomorrow.


Hi Thanks

Took some figuring out but I got it working. Problem is the [] these are not used in the actually command line code

it should be

uniqueid disk ID=xxxxxxxx

with the X’s being the new ID number you wish but the instructions all have the X’s in []'s and that was what was causing my issues I got into the help file though and it showed it without the brackets so i removed those and it renamed right away.

Thanks for the info!!