2 Bugs and 5 Suggestions on 1.02.21


Since i found no Bugtracker i report them here. Please no adviced like reset the software, since im a Softwaredeveloper myself with expierence in embeded devices on Linux i know what i can try :slight_smile:

Bug 1 : Loosing Bookmark

Wenn you play a Movie and use (accidently or not :slight_smile: the prev next Button the Bookmark get lost.

With Bookmark i mean the Information where you stopped that Movie last time.

So There is no Question if you wanna proceed on the last Part

BTW: Its unusual and unwise to have Cancle as Default for that Question.

I tell you why. If you make “OK” (means proceed on the last Position) as Default and you hit it by accident nothing is lost.

YOu have to stop and load again and deny the Question (cost you 5 sek) and all is good.

But since cancle is defautl and accident push loose the last position on the Movie wich can be a real pain to get back there (at least 3 MInutes if you know the exact time where you left)

BUG 2: Youtube (2 maybe connect Bugs)

Some Youtube Videos break the Box instantly and you have to pull the Powercord - reproduceable with same Videos

Also, everytime you use Youtube and watch Networkvideos aftwards you have max 10 min watching Time. The Box overload (looks like CPU on 100 or i guess its the ram so the box has to start to swap and if it cant kernel panic)

evreyting slows down and you have to turn it off

My Guess its the flashplayer - i guess you dont use Adobes since your Firmware is GPL might be legal Problem

If you use the GPL Flashplayer this might be the issue - anyway i think its a memory leak or something like that (sorry i dont start to debug now :slight_smile:

Suggestions, i post it here since they are small and not mayor discussable things - just for useability


Make a Manual load Firmware from USB.

You have to edit the Textfile to fake a higher Firmware to downgrade it. Also a download Archiv for all Firmwares or at least the last 2 or 3) would help a lot to find issues

Suggestion2: make a dot in the Keyboard menü (default) instead of hiding it in the special characser keyboard menue

Suggestion3: prefilling networkmask / gateway and DNS when using manual IP

doenst hurt anyone and since the most homeuser networks are class c a prefilled class is will do the job

also prefill then gateway and DNS will be for most homeusers good enough - i know i know i could do a dhcp first and afterwards manuall and all is prefilled … anyway i dont think prefilling is a big efford.

Suggestion4: in youtube assigne the Search Button on the Remote to Search in YOutube.

also a possibility to prefill with a already typed search might be helpfull

for example : you make a typo and hit search now you wanna go back and correct the typo - not possible youfe to retype

Suggestion5: Manually add a NetworkShare - if network discovery doesnt work for some reason would be nice if you can enter hostname or IP to connect to a host

also a Small Ping to host application cuold help a lot of users

those things can narow problem easier down (had yesterday an issue - could connect to the WD Box by samba but it could not connect the other way - nothing helped (even hard and soft reset / firmware down and reupgrade nothing)

turns out i had to reboot my router which is weired since the connect to the box worked and the box had connect to youtube too) all this happened after BUG1 wherea youtube video crashed the box and i have to unplug the power

really strange sometimes :slight_smile:

Bug 1 : Loosing Bookmark

Wenn you play a Movie and use (accidently or not :slight_smile: the prev next Button the Bookmark get lost.

That’s not true.   I do this all the time and when I go back and PLAY the previous video, it asks me if I want to resume where I left off.   If I click “OK,” it picks up within a few seconds of where I was when I hit the button.  Maybe I’m not understanding your issue.

I do agree with the logical order of buttons and defaults, though.

Several of your suggestions have already been made in the Ideas Lab.   I would encourage you to go find them and vote for them to increase their rank.

Uhh no ahm shure it ask if i GO BACK

But if you hit the PREV/NEXT Button while youre Plaing a Video (and have unfortunally a Bookmark on the next Video) it wont ask - start from scratch - and reset the Bookmark - and dont hit then PREV or the other bookmark is gone too :slight_smile:

I Reproduced it on my Box Several Times. If this behavior isnt on Your Box then :

  1. Gratulations :slight_smile:

  2. Tell me and i reset my Box Again (soft and Hard) and make a  reinstall of the Firmware and reset it again…

(BTW this is the only Real Way for Firmwareupdate on Embedded Devices to be Shure - otherwise strange things can happen :slight_smile:

PS: thanks for the Info ill try to find it… Im happy to have such support by WD BUT the System they use is not very useable… it freezes up my Browser on every load and is not very … ah dam dont know that english word now .-- anyway

i would prefer a normal bug database aka bugzilla or so and a similar feature request list much faster to find things and use … but ok ill try to find something in that bloody slow jungle

Oh, I see what you mean.    Yeah, but I’m really not sure that it SHOULD ask if you “Jump” to another movie; I don’t think I’d call that a bug.