2.5TB & 3.0TB Hard Drive and the WD TV Live HUB

Hi, My current Setup is

A 1TB Internal WD TV Live HUB

A 2TB External WD Elements Connected to the Rear USB Port of the HUB

A 25Ft Ethernet Cable Connected to my Router and Networked to my PC’S

1 TB Internal HD on my Dell PC

I am again out of Hard Drive Space as all 4TB’s are full.

I remember earlier when i browsed this forum alot that the 3TB Hard Drives did not work with the HUB

but i think i remember another post saying that the updated firmware now allows for the 3.0 TB Hard Drives.

I am currently in the process of buying a 2.5TB WD Elements hard drive from Amazon.com for $87.99

Has anyone used the 2.5TB Elements Hard Drive with the HUB? I use the 2TB and it works great

Just want to make sure that the 2.5 is compatible with the HUB as i remember that earlier firmwares did not support over 2TB Hard Drives?

Can anyone confirm that the 2.5 Will work great and i should go head with my order?

You could do that (3TB drives do work now if you have the latest firmware)… but the best solution would be to purchase one of these:


This will allow you to add a lot more space (you can add multiple drives attached to your router), and you can access them from your computers directly, without having to move the physical drive back and forth to update content.

Does anyone know the MAX drive size that is recognized?

I have an enclosure that has two 3Tb drives in raid so its seen as one 6Tb drive.

Will the hub see this drive as 6Tb?


Hard to say. Depend in what configuration the drives were set up. Raid? 2 individual drives?

How you gonna say Raid? Drives? ask if he didn’t say that and you needed more information

He has a Raid with 2 (3TB) Hard Drives

If the Hub Recognizes the 3TB on the newest Firmware then it will at least recognize the one

But i also know that it wont recognize anything that’s on a USB Hub

So if the raid is set up similar to what a USB HUB would be to connect the 2 USB drives onto 1 USB port then it might not work

2 raid drives should be recognized as 2 individual USB devices since the hub doesn’t have the path information as your computer. 3TB HDDs run smooth in the latest firmware