2 500gb, and 1 TB drive unresponsive

three WD drives, not responding.  Recently plugged in a Belkin USB port and the 1TB drive does not show up.  Tried to download frimware, unlocked it but still cannot see data.  I can’t even restore 600mg of Backup data on the drive.  this is the third drive that has had trouble the other 2 aske me to reformat. Only solution I have found is to send them to CA and have them recovered in a clean room!  Arghh.  After many hours trying what I know does anyone have an idea.

What model drives are these? It  may be from using on a router instead of PC. See if this helps http://findandmount.com/ Moving these externals between different operating systems and devices like Play Statiion and DVD equipment can cause corruption problems.


You mean you’re trying to use them on the USB port of a router?

I have no idea what you are saying.  if they’re smartware drives and you can’t unlock them, then sending them to a clean room won’t do you any good.  they’re hardware encrypted drives.