2.5 SATA enterprise class HDDs

WD, please introduce a SATA 2.5 enterprise class HDD line!. Seagate is dominating this market 100% and have huge margins. They can sell these disks with a 2-3 double-up price-tag because you and HGST don’t have any 2.5 competitive disks.We REALLY need some competition!
And all server vendors like Lenovo, Dell and HP also sell these Seagate disk too in own name. I’m sure they would love to have another player in the market too to choose from.
And by the way SG’s disks are actually very slow, only 128/MBs.
Link to their 2.5" disks: https://www.seagate.com/files/www-content/datasheets/pdfs/exos-7e2000-DS1955-1-1709GB-en_GB.pdf

Linux/FreeBSD/ZFS software RAID is progressing and are the storage technology of the future and we use SATA disks for this! Hardware raid (SAS) is going down for so many reasons…we need those 2.5" SATA server disks!

And in general more 4K & SED disks would also be very welcome :wink:

Western Digital already have 2.5 mobile internal hard drives and are basivally used in Laptops .

They sure have…I’m talking about enterprise class (i.e. server) disks