2.5 HDD WD5000BEVT not recognized in any OS


I got a WD 500 GB hardrive which is not being recognized on my system or any other ( my a Win 7 Desktop and 2 other Win Xp Sp3)

When the WD5000BEVT is being connected a workstation it gets detected and the appropriate drivers are installed( for the sata controler and for the HDD) . After the drive is installed the system does not see it( however the HDD is recognized in the management panel as an non portioned drive)

I had been thinking that it might have been a damaged sata controler and have replaced it with a new one which is working on another hdd. No luck , the HDD is not being recognized on the system.

Then i thought i would run MHDD to verify if the HDD is damaged , however, its not being recognized in MHDD.But is in the System

So here a my thoughts:

  1. Should i put on jumpers on the hdd ? if yes on what combination ?

1 & 2 , 2&3 or 3& 4 ?

  1. another software or methods i should try ?

please let me know if you need any additional information

thank you

Attention moderators…

This question needs to be moved (if possible) to the Hard Drive forum since this is the external drive forum.

However, since it is here right now, I can offer a suggestion or two:

1.  You need to check with the manufacturer of your motherboard (e.g. Asus etc.) and the maker of the BIos (AMI, Phoenix etc.) to be sure they can handle/recognize SATA drives.

2.  If this is your primary drive, it should NOT require a jumper.  If it is a secondary drive, the jumper would depend on what kind of drive your primary drive is.  For example, if your primary drive is a Seagte, the jumpers may need to be set differently than shown on the Seagate drive to allow your WD drive to talk to it.  If it is WD, then follow the diagram on the hard drive to see about jumpers.


1.its actually a my passport HDD,

guys any advice ?

What are you trying to do with the hard drive that you are talking about sata drivers and it being a bevt?  Most likely the drive is damaged, so I would return to where you bought it and get another.  If you can’t return it, then you need to consider an RMA with WD.  Hopefully, you haven’t removed the internal drive from the case.  Cause if you have, the drive will have its warranty voided.