2.5" 1TB SSHD drive - load/unload cycles

Hi there,

I’ve been using my new WD10J31X for just a few days and I’ve already have 2500 load/unload cycles. I appreciate that these disks are parking the heads as much as possible to prevent damage when moved around but I was wondering if 2500 in just a few days is supposed to happen?



As a recommendation, contact WD Support for direct assistance on this case.

WD Contact info:

Thanks, I have opened a case!

(So far WDC has replied “test the disk with Data Lifeguard!” :frowning: )

Other reply is 'the number of cycles you are reporting are low for your product. The value for your disk is between 50.000/100.000"

My answer is: what’s the timeframe of those values?

I am currently doing 625 load/unload cycles a day - approx. I’ll be reaching the MTBF value of 600.000 in 2.5 years. That cannot be right. Anybody with a WDC Blue that can help please?


Ok, as WD has been useless so far I have investigated myself.

I run the WDIDLE3 utility and confirmed me that the timeout to park the heads was set to FOUR seconds! Now, I appreciate that on a laptop this is done to save the heads but 4 seconds seems eccessive to me?
I changed the value to 5 minutes and now the count has massively slowed down.

What do you think about that? Better keep the heads parked as much as possible and have 1.000.000 cycles in 3 years or reduce the timeout and risk to damage the disk? I also believe there is a shock sensor in the disk so heads should park automatically before it’s ‘too late’.