2 2TB Elements Hard Drives, Only One is recognised at a time


Just bought my second Elements 2TB hard drive and plugged in to my Asus notebook Windows 8 Computer.  Only one can be recognised at a time.  In layman’s language (not very computer literate) does anyone know how I make them both recognised at the same time so I can move from one to another?  Thanks in Advance

The simple fix is to go to Disk Management and one drive will be offline and not have a letter  Just assign a letter and put it online   https://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/6571  . This worked in Windows 7 for a permanent fix



I’m sorry I don’t know where disk management is in Windows 8.  I found device managers but there are no numbers on either of them.  I have searched settings and files for disk manager and can’t find such a thing.

sorry, I found what you mean I think

will let you know if it works.

no, i am sorry I can’t find the screen that is the picture on the link, I have searched the charms menu for settings and apps that look like it

yay, I got it, thanks so much