2.06.10 OSD (New FW)

In case some haven’t noticed, a new firmware has been released.  I haven’t been able to install and take a look at what’s in the new firmware, but apparently there are a few new services add as well as games.

So for all my fellow themers who want to keep there themes up to date with the latest and greatest I have uploaded the new OSD which you can get HERE. (zip file size 22.3M)

Also, if you use this, don’t forget to click the KUDOS button if you appreciate the fact that you don’t have to go through all the steps I do to extract the OSD (Mochi) theme from the firmware.


Im still 3 FW builds behind. All that have been released since I bought mine, seemed to be unstable and broke important things and stacked on things I had no intention of using. This so far seems to be the most promising build. giving it another day to read more reviews on it before updating. Already spend too much time playing with themes [according to my wife] to waste more time updating, fixing broken things or rolling back… Wish they would stop implimenting new features that noone has requested and start fixing bugs to features already used and impliment some features>>>that were requested>>>> whats the point of the new ideas section?



And now an extra level for Shares to click through, so more annoying non folder icons displaying…rubbish.

Yes, I have to agree with drizz on this.  The new web games are unnecessary, if someone wants to play games, they can buy a game console.  Personally, I bought mine to play my media not to play games on.

And even though I’m likely to rollback, I did install the new firmware.  I figured that how can you complain about what’s broken if you don’t see what they broke.

As for the extra layer, I’m not sure why they did this, other than it may be to allow you to select the drive (internal, external, etc.) that you want to access.

They did seem to sort of fix the text problem from 2.05.08, which would cut off the first part of overly long text.  But the text still doesn’t scroll correctly and I can only say this for the ablum playback, but the text does not completly scroll for overly long text.  Seems to scroll about 300 pixels (the length it scrolls varys depending on the size of the text), then stops.  Also, text scrolling is erratic, and will scroll fast one second then slow the next.  Text will also overlap the specified area, and all this is true for even the Mochi theme.

As for the extra layer, I’m not sure why they did this, other than it may be to allow you to select the drive (internal, external, etc.) that you want to access.

I could do that before though, whether I shared a folder, external USB drive or a DVD drive, they all showed up. Unless it helps people with shares issues, but I can’t see why.  

Can’t believe they have added games, but I have to repower my box to show a folder.jpg, and a terrible looking version at that. Ah well, life is too short I suppose…

I upgraded to FW 2.06.10 …

10 Minutes later …

I 'Rolled Back" to FW 2.04.13

Disappointed :(     

Unfortunately I always think its going to be this way.

As is always the case, once you “spent your money”, they have you at this point, all these other things are to get new customers, well it has to be, who asked for games.

I am very happy with the box, I can stream full bluray, shares are not an issue.

And obviously because of guys like yourselves I can get an OSD customization, however, I do think there will never be any new eye candy or options to use moviesheets, purely because they leave themselves wide open to having to maintain it, give guides, cover numerous scenarios etc etc…long story short, I think as far as the OSD goes, this will be it.

Edit - and to prove my point


How long does it take to make an app, code it, create a webpage.

And I have horrible green folder icons and a share called Brians-Desktop…**bleep** you… :slight_smile:

I was pretty excited to find out there was an upgrade- until I’ve read the feedback.


Thanks to you all for the insight on the new firmware- don’t thing i’ll even bother installing it!!


can’t believe they haven’t fixed some of the basic errors requested by many users. feelin extremely disappointed with WD.



Does the modified themes work well with this firmware?

Yeah, depends what you mean by fine I suppose.

No difference as such apart from we get the brightness fix etc.

But the most obvious thing is Games wont work, as there wont be a grphic in the menu to get to it. But having tried them in the stock theme. Its no loss. :slight_smile:

Yeah, unfortunately WD doesn’t seem to be paying attention to what the dedicated users want.  No upgrades that any of users here posted in the ‘wish’ forum.


Tinwarble  ,

I have downloaded the file you uploaded in mediafire but it doesn’t open and says it is a corrupted file. Can you check it or re-upload ? thanks

I just download it again and its fine. Tested and no errors found with Winrar either.

Many thanks for this Tinwarble, I just tinker with slight theme changes (green folder icons! Grr) so this is excellent for me. Great share.