2.02.32 Upgrade or Not Upgrade? What to Do?

I have owned a WDTV Live, a WDTV Live Plus, and now I have a new WDTV Live Streaming that I’ve had for a week.

Everything works fine except Youtube, files freeze, the unit reboots after playing some videos.

But, I like the idea of miracast.  Some of these issues are addressed in the upgrade, but so many of you have had problems that I’m skeptical.  

All opinions are welcome. 

2 different way of use of the wd, have 2 different answer to your question:

  1. via nas or server

don’t upgrade the firmware to 2.02.32 and wait, there are some problem…

  1. hd linked trough the usb

upgrade the firmware to 2.02.32, there are some problem but less… XD

Wait for other reply

I’ve got massive Problems with the new Update 2.02.32

No more all .mp4 Files are running. Before that, the WDTV Gen3 plays all of them. Thats too bad. I’m not amused. My files are on the Synology 213j NAS and i stream that to my WDTV. Before the Update, all files stream perfectly.

What now? Can u fix that soon?

Well, I upgraded before your response.

Everything seems to be working fine. My primary applications are; Playing video in VTS format from an external HD, playing netflix, and playing youtube video.  All of these are working well.  Youtube seems a little more responsive. 

I would like to learn the miracast feature.  

mircoonline wrote:
What now?


I upgraded yesterday, all was fine.

Today, youtube reboots everytime I log on.  Won’t even log on to youtube.

Need a fix or I’m sending it back.

Don’t upgrade.

To say the latest firmware update stinks would be a massive understatement. This update is the least stable piece of garbage I’ve ever seen, and whatever QA/Testing people at WD released it should be fired.

Don’t upgrade. I did and the player would’nt play MKV files. I had to roll back the update, and all is fine again.

I have to agree not to upgrade to the latest fw 2.02.32. I just bought the WD TV Live Streaming Media Player and everything was fine until I upgraded then none of the movies would play that use to play with the previous firmware.

I was ready to return it this morning for a refund. But after reading the post in this forums I manage to rollback to 2.01.86 and now everything plays again.

It seems companies are spending less time testing anything nowadays. They just release anything and let the public test it and then fix it. I hope WD fixes this soon.