2.02.32 iPlayer app: new bug: no vid update during FF/FR

Remembered a new bug I have seen for ages that I never reported in the BBC iPlayer ap.

Already noted by me and others are:

  • app memory leaks crippling later UI/video playing (I assume noted by developers)
  • appearence of the old version of the iPlayer app when programmed off a remote control button (forwared to developers)

The new… “feature” is to do with the new FF/FR mechanism introduceded in the player at this firmware release. When moving forwards or backwards the video freezes. No updates, even jerkily, as u move back/forward thru video. The time elapsed updates, but not the video window. Checked even after a hard boot (ie no memory leaking can already have occured). Linked over Wifi N, showing standard res video only - no HD - which playes fine with no glitches.

Hi AlcAm, does the video continues to play fine after you do FF/FR?

After you end the FF/FR,  the video does start playing OK at the new position (inceidentally, the position h:mm does change as u FF/FR, just not the video display)