2.02.32 Bug - Titles of movies (videos) not displaying

Why are the titles of movies not being displayed now?

For instance, when you pause a video or movie that has an xml associated to it, the TITLE from the xml file is no longer being displayed, instead the name of the file is.

So instead of seeing Breaking Bad episode 2: Cat’s in the Bag… you will now see breaking_bad_s01e02.mp4

Is this a bug/new feature/setting change?

As far as I know, that only occurs whenever you’re NOT using the Media Library as your content source, but using Network Shares instead.

Nope, also happens when using Media Content. Or from any other source (local).

I encountered that a couple times with the previous firmware.

Clear the library and let it rebuild.  Failing that, delete the .wdtv folder.

None of that helps with the NEW update. Deffinately a bug.