2.02.32: BBC iPlayer app (UK only) - old and new versions both available

Did an OTA update from 1.16.13 to 2.02.32 (rolled back from 2.01.86 in Feb as too bugy) and of the many fixes and features is the new BBC iPlayer app (UK only) which is prettier but misses out a useful feature of old one: sub-categories under the categories. Resulting in 147 items under Fact category, which took an age to scroll thru as u can only see three at a time!

Accidentally, I discovered that programming key 0 on remote to BBC iPlayer app launched the old style player still! (using app shortcuts in Mochi or Grid launches new version). So somehow old code is still in there - I thought I was having a dream at first seeing old black menus again!

Then, weirder than weird: on Thursday, a day and half since I upgraded OTA, the whole look and feel of the new iPlayer app had changed. Menus were top down, not bottom up, and categories had changed to include the subcateogories I had wanted under the old Fact category - which has gone. Also playing a vid display is totally refreshed with speed FF/FR functionality. Now I understand categories are dynamic and come from the iPlayer servers but so must significant portions of the new iPlayer app now. I guess the BBC just upgraded the look and feel sw they provide into iPlayers soon after the new firmware for WD devices had been pushed out. Maybe this is specific code for WD TV Live boxes. Maybe just a switch they changed to flip the downloaded app from one UI mode to another. Either way it is appreciated. The new app mode looks great and is simpler and better to use than old one -  as long as they keep History and Science categories in the list! - Motors can go hang!


Thank you for sharing this.