2.02.32 and low memory problems - using WDTV Live "offline"

Hi all,

I was running 2.02.32 without too many problems UNTIL I put the wdtv live on a “private network” connected to a router by ethernet so that it would get a DHCP address but with the router not connected to the internet.

It will run fine for about a day, then everything will get super slow and won’t respond to the remote properly without massive delays.  When I try to play something from a local network file it will give me a low memory warning and then ask me to reboot.

It was working perfectly until I disconnected it from the internet.  Now it will last about 24 hours before the dreaded low memory warning.  One of the reasons I liked the WDTV Live boxes was that they would play local content.  They shouldn’t freak out if I don’t want to connect to the net.

Going to rollback to the previous firmware and see if that helps.


Before you try the rollback, can you please try resetting the unit using the reset button on the unit.

For assistance see the following link.


I did reset the wdtv from the menus, “reset device”.  It didn’t make any difference.  I didn’t know there was a button on the unit to do the reset.  Will that do anything different?

Unfortunately, I already did the rollback.  After a whole month plus of restarting it it was driving me crazy.  (Fingers crossed)