2.0 WB MY PASSPORT Failure X2

I am not super Tech Savy however I do know how to use an external HD correctly.
This is the second external My Passport external drive that has just quit on me for absolutely no fault by me, it just stopped booting! The first one which was a couple of years ago, I took to a professional restorer suggested by my computer guru who could not help me. They charged me $140. and could NOT restore any of my stored images. NOW a practically new CLOSE TO FILLED 2.0 external has just stopped working. NOT ABUSED! . When plugged in the light on the external illuminates But no longer flashes, and the drive itself feels like it’s working/running, But it doesn’t come up or load on my File Explorer and the drive does NOT show on my Elplorer, or or any of the other PC computers I tried it on.it on. I have even tried with different connection cord thinking it went bad… Nope WTH? why in the world would two drives funk in the last 2 years unless quality is not superb? A larger drive was purchased due to the past experience with the smaller drive, thus many more files lost this go around !!!Unfortunately I am a photographer and now cannot access any of the images I stored on this 2,0 hard drive. especially this larger drive.
Needless to say I am very dissatisfied with these products and devistated at the possibility of losing all these images. ALL PROFESSIONAL IMAGES I cannot afford losing my images!!!
Can anyone suggest a fix? … PLEASE!!! these are non- replacable images contained on this drive.and this was a new drive that has quit. HELP IT’LL BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED There is no reason for a backup external drive to fault not only once but twice. Obviously there is a serious problem with these products! I’m planning to never use these products again due to the malfunctions. I cannot afford losing my images!!! nor losing money on the pros to try to fix and no results… So upset you cannot imagine! Nostalgic Memories Photography by Lea Mau Cook Seatlle WA. :sweat::face_with_raised_eyebrow::angry:emphasized text

I have been attempting to contact WB both online Support and phone calls. I cannot connect with them either way and answers as to why?