1TB WorldBook (Blue Ring)

I have been using WD “My World Book Edition” (Blue Ring) 1TB network drive for approx 1 year and using it to keep my files from 3 PC’s. I have been accessing this drive by using WD Anywhere - MIONET " (basic free version) software which has been working very well. However, today I have not been able to access via mionet from any PC’s and get error when I try to login to Mionet SW “Unable to communicate over the internet to verify password”. Since I am getting same error from all 3 PC’s, it is not PC’s or a software and must be something to do with “authentication” server on the mionet site. I have no problems with internet since I am able to access web.

I am sure there must be another way to access the drive besides using mionet SW and wondering if anyone can help me with the steps to do so. 

Thank you in advance…

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support


I did talk to WD technical support (Level 1 & 2) for almost 2 hours and they were trying to be helpful, but it appears that this is now a old technology and they don’t seem to have much to work with. However, they did confirm that mionet software server on their side is down since they are working on enhancements for cloud and other offerings. They were  not able to tell me when is the mionet expected to be back online…My key issue is that I have some important files that I must have to get work done but unable to figure out a way to access the drive without mionet.

If anyone knows a “backdoor” way to be able to access the files would be very much appreciated!

Recently, my WD My Book world edition (blue rings) external drive failed. I knew that the HDD itself was ok if I could find a way to access it. My aim was to access and rescue the data from the drive, after which I would no longer be using the My Book external case.

There were a few options. Data recovery services are very expensive so that was a non starter.

Another option was to plug the drive into a linux computer. I don’t have a linux computer and didn’t want to start to build one. 

The third and easiest option of all was to find a way to be able to read the disk on a windows computer. The answer was much simpler than I thought.

Install HDD from WD case into your windows computer using a spare sata slot or similar.

Make sure you have enough space on one of your existing HDDs to transfer the files you want to rescue

Start computer and Install Diskinternals Linux reader onto your windows computer. ( http://www.diskinternals.com/))

run linux reader software.

You will see a list of files and folders on your drive.

Right click on the folders and click “save”

Select where you want to save them to and that’s it. Job done.

Throw WD case in bin