1tb won't show in bios

I have a WD 1TB hdd(10EARS).

The day i brought the hdd and started coppying the data from the 160gb hitachi it would leave a copy of the data in the 160 even if i moved the data(cut+paste).This happened for some days but then it stopped.

After around 3 months the hdd started having problems like not being recognised in the pc and many times in the bios too.It all happened for a week and then stopped .The hdd was working fine since then(although having data transfer speed problems which i had no prob with) when all of a sudden it happened again.

Yesterday i was watching a movie which is on the WD HDD and coping data to it from the hitchi when all of a sudden the movie started to hang.I was not able to forward the movie.Then i saw the the data i moved( cut + paste) to WD HDD has copies in the hitachi.I restarted the pc and the WD HDD was gone.Since then i’ve tried so many times but its dosen shows at the bios.

PLease help me couse i have aroung 900 gb data onthe hdd and i don’t wana loose it…   :cry:

Try using another SATA cable, you can also run a test with DLG. 


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thaks dude…I will try