1Tb (white lights) not connecting to network

Has worked very well for the past year, but in the last week the USB share got very flaky, then stopped working alltogether. Now the whole device won’t connect to the network.

I have reset several times, checked my router DHCP settings etc, but no joy. The green ethernet light on the back of the drive lights up, and the orange data transfer light flashes. I can hear the drive spinning up, and it all sounds normal, but it just wont connect to the network.

When I log in to my router, there is no record of it in the assigned IP table.

Help please? If it does need to be replaced, how do I get data off it if I can’t access it via network?

Many thanks.

Sounds as if you need to remap your drive(s) to your network. Use the WD Discovery tool, or a third party free mapping tool which you can download from the net.