1Tb White Drive won't start and can't find in computer when installed in Desktop

I have a 1Tb WD1000H1NC white case/white light.  When I turned it on the bottom light would come on for about 30-60 second then turn off and the drive would spin down.  The green light would stay on but nothing else.  Since I really don’t need the network capability anymore I removed the drive from the white case and installed it in my desktop.  I can locate the drive through Control Panel, Disk Management. But it doesn’t have a drive letter assigned and I can’t access it.  I read on here that it is a Linux file so I downloaded DiskInternal Linux Reader as suggested and ran the program.  It sees the drive but can’t access it. 

Any thoughts/help???

Try to format the HDD first, bellow you can follow the link to do it.

How to partition and format a WD drive on Windows (7, Vista, XP)


use ext2fsd to access drive