1Tb WDBABV0010BBK-00

I have no problem saving to my hard drive or opening files to view them, however if I try to move a file from the hard drive to another drive I get a message that windows explorer has stopped working and then windows explorer is restarting and everything closes. I have all of my embroidery files on the hard drive and am unable to copy them to my embroidery machine. Please help

If you do not get this error message with the same portable hard drive on a different computer then you are sadly experiencing a system issue. On that case you may need to update your system, if not repair it.

If it happens in a different computer then I’d recommend verifying if this error message is displayed when transferring a specific file. if it does, then it’s a sign of data corruption.

It happens with any file that is on the hard drive, whether I try to just move it to the desktop or to a different drive location.