1TB WD Passport recognized on one computer, but not another

Hopefully, I get all the details in in explaining this. I recently upgraded from a laptop with Windows Vista to Windows 8. I was using my 1 TB Passport as a regular external drive on the Vista, and I used to transfer over a bunch of files when I got the new computer. However, a few weeks ago, I plugged in the HD to my new computer, and it kept giving me the “failed to recognize device” message (and now, it doesn’t even do anything when I plug it in. The light comes on, but that’s about it). However, the hard drive still recognizes on my old laptop, and starts running immediately after I plug it in. 

Is there any solution as to getting the drive to work on a reglar basis on my new laptop? If I need to backup files, I could do it on the old laptop, but I don’t know what the next step after that would be. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out a permanent fix for this. 

The new laptop might not be providing enough energy for the passport to work correctly. For troubleshooting be sure to use the USB cable that came with the passport and avoid using any extension USB cables or USB hubs. If that doesn’t work you might need a power booster USB cable. You can call tech support to see if you can get one.