1TB WD Elements shows as 563GB


So, something weird happened.

The drive was connected to my  WDTVStreamer, one day my WDTV started randomly rebooting for an hour. (I saw the light turn on and heard the drive spinning up every few minutes)

I assume that caused the problem (or that the drive caused the reboots)

Now, several weeks later,  I noticed that Windows shows the total space on the mounted network drive as 563GB.

On the WDTVs storage manager, it shows as Total Space: 563GB and below shows media on the drive as over 900GB total, so it sees (or remembers) the media.

I hooked the drive to my pc and Disk management showed some inconsistent sizes:

Diskpart sees the drive and partition correctly as 931GB:


I tried unplugging and checked with the usual tools, with no errors or anything.

I’m a bit confused, any advice?

Hi, backup your files and format it from the disk management window. If that doesn’t fix it, you can try writing zeros with DLG and then format it.