1TB WD Blue SSD possible problem

Okay, I say possible because it working properly. However I’m not getting any response from WD on my issue so I thought I’d ask here. The WD dashboard is indicating my couple month old SSD is in poor health - that the numbwr of spare sectors has reached the minimum threshold. Yet the dashbord smart tests show no issues, as well as aftermarket software. Performance is good, and the drive is barely half full. If I was put of spare sectors (sector provisioning), wouldn’t I see a massive performance hit? Should I RMA the drive?

I have the same report as of today. Was not there previously. Less than 1 month installed.

Yea, I’m unsure if this is a dashboard bug or not (hopeing it is given other software says the three month old drive is perfect). But I do know I started a ticket on it last weekend (so it’s has been a full 5 business days) and haven’t gotten a response (which I will say I’m not impressed).

Oh… I found the problem. What an oddity and why didn’t I ever notice it… My SATA chipset drivers where out of date. Redonkulously out of date. And for the wrong Windows version. Why was Windows 10 (updated at launch) still using the AMD chipset drivers from Windows 7? Why didn’t Windows Update pick up on it? And why didn’t the AMD updater pick up on it? Anyways, that all it was - fully fixed and working (and reporting) as it should be.

Just got a brand new drive and I downloaded the Dashboard and it says the same thing. Been installed for less than 1 day. I ran the SMART tests and they said everything was fine.

Checking Windows Update now … maybe it’s just a display bug?

FWIW I did not do a fresh install but cloned an image of my old HDD and restored it to this one using a Windows 7 Repair Disk

After a computer restart the problem went away for me.