1TB Ultra stopped working

While working on a file on My Passport Ultra 1TB drive, the drive suddenly stopped working and NB would no longer recognise the drive (when attached to different NBs, it asks to reformat). Ran the utility “WDDriveUtilitiesSetup_for_web_2.0.0.26” on Win10 NB:

  1. SMART status passed
  2. Quick Drive Test passed
  3. Complete Drive Test failed (at 10% progress)
    But I can’t tell what went wrong, any ideas?

Failed in Complete drive test, indicates that there may be some issues in the performance of drive and suggest to take backup of important data immediately to prevent data loss issues.

Am now able to access the contents using chkdsk:

  1. Run “cmd”
  2. type “chkdsk e: f/” --> where e is the USB drive your external drive’s connected to

Thank you