1TB Passport not listing original computer or original volume for RETRIEVE

I installed my 1TB Passport a month or so back and set up Windows Backup to put it to work. Files were properly backed up on a daily basis.

My system disk crashed, so I installed a new WD 1TB  Caviar and reinstalled Vista HP. After patching the Vista system, I tried retrieving files from my Passport. 

WD SMARTWARE HOME shows 309.9 gigs of data, and I can view the ZIP files on the drive, but when I select RETRIEVE, SMARTWARE does not show either the original computer or the original volume, and Windows Backup does not recognize any backup, since the OS installation is new.

Why won’t SMARTWARE show me what’s on the disk? I cannot retrieve folders or files if the software doesn’t list them. 

Hi there,

If you did your backup with the windows backup, you will need to use the same software to retreive the information.