1TB MyPassport Incredibly Slow to Write To, Read is no issue

I got a 1TB MyPassport with the intention to use it to backup my important documents.

Eventually, the drive got incredibly slow. Slow to the point where copying a single 5mb file would take hours before generating a write failure.

I thought it was a the USB port I was using, so I changed USB ports. Nothing. All my other USB devices work fine.
I thought it might be the cable, so I replaced it, the issue persisted.
I thought it might be the drive’s firmware, but according to the updater I have the latest version.
I thought it might be the drive’s driver, so I updated to the latest version of SES, which I apparently already had, same issue.

At this point I was annoyed, this drive is barely used, it makes no clicking sounds. If I try to copy a bunch of files it might succeed with the first 5 or 6, but then it will stall out forever.

I thought Windows 7 file copying services might be the issue, so I tried TerraCopy, same exact issue.
I get IO write errors being reported.
Nothing is wrong with the source files, I can copy them all over the place except the passport, no issue.
Nothing is wrong the PC itself, I can copy files without issue to USB pen drives.

I then tried to run Windows Error checking on the drive (chkdisk) from the drive’s properties page.
I selected both options (auto-fix errors, and Scan-For and Attempt Recovery of Bad Sectors)
It verified 4 files, and stalled for 1 hour. It made it up to 14 files, then stalled again. It got up to 64 files, but by that time had taken about 3 hours, so I cancelled. If don’t tell it to Attempt Recovery of Bad Sectors the check simply doesn’t do anything, I get an error that it can’t run and that’s it.

I installed the WD utility to check the SMART status of the drive, but it can’t detect that drive for some reason.

Here’s the clincher: Believing my 6-month-old drive to be broken, I got a second WD 1TB MyPassport (with the new, provided cable)… and I have exactly the same issue.

Point Form Notes:
Both drives are NTFS.
They are both not write protected.
I have tried all kinds of replacement cables, cables aren’t the issue.
The PC can use other USB drives without issues.
I tried a new drive, so the drive isn’t broken.
I have Windows 7 x32.
I have the latest version of everything, so unless you’re recommending an older version of something, it won’t help.
I have only ever managed to get 30-ish GB of data onto the old drive, over the course of 6 months, but today I can barely get anything additional onto it.
Renaming folders isn’t an issue.

Hello, I would recommend you to try using a different computer altogether, it is unlikely that 2 drives can experience the same issue, specially with that difference in purchase date.

Another thing that I recommend you to do, is check the drive using WD DLG which is the tool provided by WD to test their drives, run the extended test, and keep in mind that it can take more than 20 hours to finish testing a 1 TB drive.