1TB Mybook wont accept files

Okay, So i have had a 500G Mybook from western Digital for over a year, and have recently purchased a 1TB to upgrade and expand. The problem is that i get error messages when transferring files over to the harddrive, and even on occasion will get messages saying that the file already exists on my 1TB (even if it doesnt) 

What can i do to fix this. I have never had any problems with my 500G and it works just fine to this day. I hav’nt set up either of them differently… and sometimes can get files to transfer to my 1TB but if they wont, they will always be accepted on my 500G if i cant get them on the 1TB so it shouldnt be file format that’s killing me here. … Please help. Im so frustrated. 

I assume that you are trying to copy files from one of your Mac computer to a brand new WD 1TB external drive.

You would need to format it from your Mac computer, so it would work right.

If you need instruction on how to format, Please follow this link


I dont think thats the case , im getting some things to transfer, others wont, its being “overly selective” yet everything im trying to transfer onto  the 1tb is ALWAYS accepted on my 500 g. i dont understand. the error code i keep getting is -36 saying these files are missing part of their files or cant be read. which isnt true because they work fine on the 500G.

Are you sure that the new 1TB WD external drive was formatted with Mac GUID or Apple partition?

If not, that is what it sounds like the problem you are having with your new 1TB drive.

It prevent you from being able to copy files to it.

Have you tried to copy file to it with windows machine?

Just for referrence.

If it works fine on windows machine, that would tells you the new 1TB was formatted on PC.

Now, you have to format it from Mac to make it work right on Mac.