1tb MyBook stopped working

I was tranfering files from my laptop to my external hard drive when I got an error that a file could not be transfered.  I unplugged the drive and then plugged it back in, and it said downloading drivers or something, but then it just never started working.  Now the external drive does not come up on my computer, or under disk management.

The lights inside the enclosure still come on when I plug it into the wall, but nothing happens when I connect it to my computer.  Ive connected it to both my laptop and desktop, and it is not recognized by either of them.  Is the drive dead?  are the files stored on it gone?

Thank you

If the drive does not show in Disk Management and you also tried a different computer you could try a different USB cable as a last resort, then the drive might need to be replaced and in that case, you could use a Data Recovery company or software to be found using a search engine such as Google.