1tb My essential data recovery HELP

I have the SAME exact problem as the other guy I read on this forum where my USB part broke off of the board! I removed the HDD from its enclosure and put into a new enclosure but now it is not recognized on ANY PC. This data is EXTREMELY important to me. Mabkay had good solutions for SOLDERING this back on but it isnt an option for me. How can I get this data off. There seems to be an issue with the MBR. HELP PLEASE.

Just like in the other thread(s), your drive won’t work when in a different enclosure, due to the encryption.

The choices seem to be either solder the port back on (or have someone do it for you), so you can get your data back, or try to RMA the drive, losing your data in the process.  I’m not really seeing a third option.

Thanks for your quick reply. It seems like ONE of the pins on that usb may have been ripped off of the female USB side WHICH itself was ripped off of the board.  I work at Best Buy. Geek Squad hardware (like you suggested) cant see the data. Maybe I can find a replacement for that female USB port? Any software that can work around that encryption?

If you have really deep pockets professional data recovery may possibly be able to retrieve your data. Otherwise you are out of luck for a do it yourself fix.


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I have a My DVR Expander, and Time Warner as installed a new Samsung DVR. The WD Expander is not recognized. What can I do, if anything, about this?

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