1tb my book essential : cd drive?

why does my xp based computer keep saying that  my wd 1tb external hard drive is patitioned with a 668 mb cd drive?

Because it is?

The older drives shipped with a Virtual CD containing all the Unlocker bits and pieces as well as the manual and the Smartware installer, so that if you added a password, the drive could be unlocked from any PC you attach it to.

People complained violently about the VCD.  With a firmware update it can be hidden, but it can’t be removed without removing the drive from the case and voiding the warranty. (But the VCD is still necessary for unlocking the drive from other computers – I wouldn’t hide it if you use the password feature.)

Due to the complaints, the newer drives still have a VCD with the unlocker stuff, but it’s automatically hidden – it only appears if you set a password, and it hides again if you remove the password.

Not worried about warranty, when it claims to be a 1 tb drive and does not have 1 tb available it is a problems to me. I want to remove the vcd feature so i have full 1 tb access. It still shows the vcd and 668 gb being used by it and i haven’t  put a password lock on it.

There is no way to remove the VCD. A 1 T drive without a VCD will show as about 930 G. It’s a math thing.


shadejaded wrote:

 I want to remove the vcd feature so i have full 1 tb access.

Then why did you spend more for a password-capable drive that NEEDS the VCD in order to function properly, instead of paying less for an Elements or something like that, which is a bare drive?

thought it was a bare drive but can deal with.