1TB mirror edition full, can I buy 2TB disks?

Just wondered if anyone know if I can buy 2 TB disks and use them in my originally 1TB mirror edition.

  • Or do i need to buy 1 TB disks for it?

Would be a real let-down if the firmware doesn’t support larger disks.

Anyone here know anything about this?

Seriously…? Nobody have anything on this?


If you are referring to the removing the original drives from the enclosure and install another unit with bigger capacity, unfortunately is not possible. The enclosure circuit board won’t recognize the new drive. 

Ok, thank you, that was what I was wondering about.

Sad though, because it makes any future mirror edition puchase mute, because I have an ever growing library and the backup-sollutions need to be able to keep up.

I guess I just buy another internal SATA disk and use that as an internal backup then.

Thank you for your answer.