1TB MBL with Time Machine

Again, new to MBL storage with my new Macbook Air so I’m hoping these queries are pretty straight forward.

a) Is there a way to partition the MBL for Time Machine back-ups?  Or limit the amount of storage assigned to Time Machine back-ups?  I have become aware that the Time Machine back-ups could eat into my entire 1TB storage before too long leaving me with no where to store photos/music/videos etc.

b) Is there a way to ‘explore’ the MBL through the Macbook to locate the Time Machine back-ups?  I can see the music/videos etc but cannot locate the back-ups.

Thanks in advance

Time Machine backups can only be accessed using Time Machine.  There is no option in the MBL to restrict the size of the Time Machine backups, you must check within the Time Machine settings in your computer.