1tb Hard Drive causing PC not to boot


My 1tb hd is causing my windows XP PC not to boot.  HD is around a year old - PC will boot but hang just before login screen.

If I unplug, the PC will then boot BUT HD will not be recognised by PC.

Have changed USB cable & plugged into mains - no joy.

Had same issue around a month ago … used a program called testdisk & HD was eventually recognised.  Although very slow I started transferring files from drive but drive has again filed.  testdisk did not resolve.  HD is spinning & there is a light on HD

Any ideas?

The computer is trying to boot from the external drive

there are a couple of things you can try

  • update the bios
  • disable boot from usb on bios
  • update the drive’s firmware
  • diable legacy usb ( not recommended if using an usb keyboard or mouse )
  • disconnect the drive when not in use and prior to booting the computer