1TB Elements falls asleep and doesn't wake up

I have a brand new 1TB Elements hard drive for my WIn 7 laptop.  I plug the HD in to a USB 2.0 and things run great for a day or two.  However, the drive will ‘fall asleep’ every now and then and can’t be woken up until I unplug it from the USB port and plug it in again.  It’s a minor annoyance but doesn’t seem as reliable as the 500GB Elements drive I bought three years back.

I have a HP Probook 6406 laptop running Win 7 Enterprise.  I think my Elements has a USB 3.0 interface but that should be backwards compatible right?

Go into the Power Options in Control Panel, then click on “Change Plan Settings” for your plan, then there should be an option “Change advanced power settings”, then look under the “USB Settings” areas. Set your “USB selective suspend settings” to “disabled”. That should do it. :wink: