1TB drive problem - half capacity is hidden

I’ve got a partitioning problem I’m hoping someone can help me with…

New 1TB WD1002FAEX drive. 

Booted to DOS and ran FDISK (enabled large block). 

Created primary partition using 5% of space (FAT 32).

Created extended partition using remaining space (but only about 430GB was left to use).

Logical drive created and used all space (again, only about 430GB was left).

Rebooted, formatted, named C: “Master” and named D: “Slave.”

Ran Norton Ghost to apply an image, and it showed a drive named “NEW” that has the missing capacity.

The included photos show how Norton Ghost and FDKSK see things



I’ve deleted, redone everything, yet somehow there’s space I can’t access.  I can apply a Ghost image to it, but that’s it.  WinXP’s disk manager sees the NEW parition, but it can’t be accessed/used in File Explorer.

Any clue what’s going on here and what I can do to fix it?  A defective drive?  A MBR issue?


Hello mate,

Have you try to do a fresh installation without using Norton ghost?