1tb damage problem

Hi Everyone

I bought a 1TB ext hard drive a few months ago. Over the last month or so the connection slot on the external hard drive housing has become damaged perhaps through dropping, or through inadvertently bending of usb connector cable whilst in my bag. In any case I have to either hold the usb cable at a certain angle for the hard drive to power up and now I have just wound some masking tape to a certain angle so that it powers up.

My mac reads the drive but transfer of files are nearly impossible now. Most of the time the transfers hang after a while and todays transfer of 1GB of music states that it will take bout 2 hours and after 10 mins eventhough a little more has transferred its now saying 3 hours! Finally after a few more minutes it now tells me the disk was not ejected properly and crashed.

My question is should i bother getting a new housing or is this hard drive ready to be binned? Ive only had it for a short time! Could these issues be that its not getting enough power because of the faulty connection.

I can attach a pic of the damage if need be.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, if the hard drive is in warranty replace it, if not an external case should work.