1TB caviar black - data is missing after re-installing OS


I recently re-installed win 7 x64 and noticed that my backup internal drive (1TB Cav blk) wasn’t showing.  I went to the disk management and saw that drive letters were assigned and didn’t allow me to activate them.  I have my main drive (250GB WD SATA drive) with a dual boot OS (winXP/win7 x64).  No, i didn’t format the 1TB.  I’m wondering if anyone had a similar situation.  I’ll probably try updating win7 and maybe go as far as plugging into an external drive w/ USB 2.0… i need that data…




Is your computer BIOS recognizing the second drive?

also, did you reinstall 7 with that drive plugged in?  I know I know windows people say that it’s safe to do that.  but I don’t believe it for a second.  windows will sometimes screw up the file system of a secondary connected drive when you reinstall windows…