1T WD Passport no longer migrated

Recently I went to put clear my computer and phone by putting all my access pictures on my WD Passporthard. I plug it in my computer makes the noise as if it registered but when I went to my computer it was no where to be found. However I did see it in my device manager and I have the option to remove safely. I go into my events section and it says the last time it migrated was 12/9/2019 but on 12/19/19 it says it did not migrate. What could have happened between those two days. It still plugs in it still lights up and you can hear and feel the fan running. Even in general or says it’s working properly. What do I do I have so important pictures on there that I can’t get back. I’ve tried a data recovery and it found them but my computer said it doesn’t support that format. I keep it in a padded case in my nightstand so I don’t think it’s damaged.