1T MY PASSPORT problems with everything

I bought a 1T WD MY PASSPORT yesterday.

When I turn on my pc If device be connected pc become freez in startup page. when I disconnect device pc keeps going to up. 

In windows, I connected device and installed it’s softwares and utilities. All check operations passed finely.

I don’t wanna use backup systems.

As I copy my files (like pictures,mp3 and movies) I receive I/O error , system hangs out and nothing works even cancelation doesn’t work .

I have a 500Gb one but it works perfectly.

my system:

Windows 7

Cpu Intel Core 2  2.13


Some users have been able to get rid of this error by changing the USB cable and/or connecting to a different USB port.

You can also test the drive for problems.

The steps on how to test the drive using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics are provided on the link bellow.


For the start freeze go into the BIOS and move USB after your system HD.