1st time user--- for a mac/hard drive set up

Firstly, thanks for the previous responces.

Being a first time user, I am not sure if the system is working or if I have downloaded the program properly.

For example, the manual talks about  the “windows taskbar”-- I don’t have that.

The manula shows a Fig13- under retrieving- I don’t have that.

My previous query asked about downloading 2.1 GB onto the hard drive from iPhotos.   Every time I now connect, the volume has gone to 7.7BG and it keeps downloading.

Is there anyway to have a quick run-through on the drive workings?

Hi there, I don’t know what drive do you have but a Windows taskbar won’t be seen on a Mac…

On the other hand, pretty much any drive works by dragging what you want to it from the place it is on your Mac to the drive.

Any other features like automatic backups are handled by the software you are using (which can be any software).