1st Gen solid white followed by solid red light - no network

Hi. My 1st Generation My Cloud is failing on startup. It has the white light, mostly solid, for 90 seconds, and then switches to the solid red light. The network LED at the back flashes. I can see the device on the network when I log on to my router, however the My Cloud never shows up on the network in Fing, and I am unable to SSH into it. I’ve tried changing cables etc. and nothing else has changed on my router/network. Is there any hope of recovering it? Thanks in advance.

One can “shuck” the My Cloud hard drive and attach it, using a USB to SATA adapter or a spare SATA adapter, to a computer that is running Linux or a Linux driver to see if they can view the drive contents and then copy files off the drive.

In some cases certain hard drive SMART errors are enough to cause the My Cloud to halt loading a drive. The drive is still readable if one pulls the drive and attaches to a PC running Linux/Linux driver.

Plenty of videos on YouTube on how to “shuck” a single bay/single drive My Cloud enclosure.