1GB Passport SE - Loses/resets connection on USB 3

I have the  1 Gb Passport Se USB 3.0. Using Gigabyte MB and Win7 Ult 64bit, 8Gb ram.

When using the drive on USB 3 0 port, after a while, the pc will make that sound as if something was plugged in/out of a USB port. Then in a few seconds, whatever I was doing on this drive will freeze. I am using  USB 3 cable, connections are secure and latest USB 3 drivers for MB. Occasionally when I connect the drive to USB 3 port, I will get the message that this device will perform better if connected to a USB 3 port. Most of the time I am watching movies off the drive.  I have turned off the power down setting in Device Manager for the controllers,

This only happens on my USB 3 port. Doesn’t seem to happen on the USB 2 or on laptop USB 2.

Go inot the Advanced Power settings and look around and see if there are any sleep settings there for the USB. With USB 2.0 this was sometimes needed.


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If you happened be using PCIe USB3 adaptor card, try moving in to another PCIe slot. Besides USB3 require more power than USB2. Usually 850mA to 1200mA. Check the Power requirement setting on USB Hub on Device Manager.