196,159 CRC error counts! 750GB black

HDD: WD 750gb black

For about the past week or so my computer has been struggling to “keep up”, with simple operations such as browsing the internet, opening files, copy+pasting, etc, and eventually started to “hiccup” and hard freeze at times. At first I figured it was because I was running on a mere 40gb of the total capacity(698gb), I’m sure this is relevant factor however further investigation has revealed that there is more than a full hard drive causing these issues.

Google Chrome stopped working a couple days ago (refuses to open with the “WHOA” error), so I ran windows diskcheck/error checking and go figure the error checking and correcting was related to a google chrome data path, however this hasn’t fixed the problem.

So I downloaded and ran HD tune which provided interesting results, this afternoon the CRC error count was at 177,213…every time the info updated the number would grow by leaps and bounds, sometimes by hundreds sometimes by thousands. I am actually running two 750gb blacks, and the e: drive is perfectly fine, HD tune confirms this. I already tried using different SATA cables on different ports, and I even installed the problematic HDD into a separate system that has the same exact components hoping it was my motherboard instead. The problem is still present, here are the screenshots from HD tune below.

Please take special note of the 3 “damaged” blocks in the error scan shot, the test is 1 ½ hours in, last time it crashed around this time, I will post the screenshot of the finished result in the morning if it successfully finishes…hopefully there are just 3 and it can be repaired with ease somehow.

Perhaps a full reload of windows 7 would solve the problem? Or is the hard drive on the way out? According to the serial # the hard drive is under warranty until 2013, if it does kick the can will I be able to send this to W.D for exchange/repair?

Thanks in advance for your time! I appreciate it!

(http://i35.tinypic.com/wi4k76.png[/IMG)]   <— benchmark

(http://i38.tinypic.com/axxxcz.png[/IMG)]     <----general info

(http://i38.tinypic.com/21eovt2.png[/IMG)]   <-----error test (bad blocks)

  <-----196,159 CRC errors

you should send your drive to repair :slight_smile:

is dying slowly

  Here is an updated graph on the bad blocks, it appears there are 4 in total?

Would it be safe to say I should start moving everything off this drive before it dies? Or will moving about ~400-500gb aggreviate it further and destroy it completely? :cry:



Try reducing the SATA interface speed with the 1.5 Gbps jumper. Hopefully this will bring down the number of UDMA CRC errors without having a major impact on performance.

As for the bad LBAs, I would use a disc editor to read these LBAs, and then rewrite them. This should cause them to be recovered or remapped.

HxD - Freeware Hex Editor and Disk Editor:

Alternatively, you could delete or replace the files that are affected by the bad LBAs.

Tip: How to determine which file occupies a particular sector:

if is some kind of dust in the platters you will have more bad blocks sooner or later…

if i had that problem i would replace the drive

Thanks for the advice guys, I have already moved everything off of the drive and I will try the “repair” feature on western digi’s extended test in attempt to fix the bad sectors, I will also try a full reinstall of windows 7 to be sure. But as you metioned if there is dust in the platters or some sort of problem to this extent  it will have to be sent off…

W.D would cover this under the warranty correct? I checked the SS against the data base and it is covered until 2013 (possibly even further if I provide proof of purchase from Newegg)

Ok, I ran the WD extended test and it said I had bad sectors, so I hit repair and automatically it says it had an error trying to repair bad sectors and to contact western digital…meh! Looks like ill try writing 0’s next, a full W7 reload, and if I  have to RMA the drive :cry:

dont be sad mate…

you didnt lost data and you will receive a 1tb  black model :stuck_out_tongue:


I was actually going to order a 1.5tb black in the meantime =X Reviews are fairly scattered but I think I may take my chances seeing this is the only WD drive I have ever had a problem with and I have probably used a good 30+ in different builds over the years