16TB TBoldt 2/USB3 macOS can’t repair the disk 8 TB MIRROR error

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I have a 16TB Thunderboldt 2/USB 3 G-RAID enclosure the is set in mirror mode.
This has been a trouble free drive unit today. The drive is connected to 2016 27inch iMac running
High Sierra 10.13.6 connected via TB2. I had to reboot my Mac 2x to get the drive to finally mount.
When it did finally mount There was a “macOS can’t repair the disk” I repaired the directory with Disk Warrior 3.2
a week ago. At that time there was no major directory issues, the DW progress back as a few clicks down in the yellow. Now when I run Disk utility and Disk Warrior it appears that either I have a failing housing or a bad drive.
I have been slowly copying a few file that haven’t been backed up. The enclosure has a white light on the front and them I open the front both drive access light flicker when transferring files.
How can I tell if a drive have failed (Drive Health)? will I get a warning? or has the 2 year old enclosure failed?

It sounds like you have a drive in the unit that is on the way to failure. But it hasn’t failed fully due to not getting the red light on the enclosure.

Your best option would be to extract as much as possible and then replace the unit under warranty if it is still there. That unit has a 3 year warranty. You can generate an RMA on our website but I would suggest calling in for help due to getting a full kit replacement.

888.426.5214 for US support

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