160Gb one day 10Gb the next!

My 160Gb Passport was merrily working yesterday except that it appeared to be demounting and remounting on the odd occasion (usual USB bings) - this morning when I mounted it Windows XP recognised it all OK as Drive F: but in explorer it only now shows 10Gb of completely empty space - all my other 40+ Gb of data on the hidden / lost 150Gb has gone.

Any cunning ideas?

Hi there.

Since you run XP, first thing I would do would be to check disk management (Right-click my computer> manage> disk management) to see the way the drive is displayed (If it is partitioned).

Then I would try TestDisk, which is a free data recovery software.

Thanks for the reply - Computer management says 2 things:

Main window - E: partition-Basic-FAT32-Healthy(Active) 10.49GB capacity

Under it in Disk1

E:149.05GB FAT32-Health(active)

So 2 conflicting capacities.

TestDisk when running shows 3 areas, 22GB FAT32, 25GB HFS and 100GB HFS.  It appears that I can only see 10GB FAT32 on this 160GB drive (in both Windows and Ubuntu).

Any help appreciated

HFS partitions cannot be seen in Windows environment. You need third party utility for this. I am not sure about Ubuntu.

You can use this free utility to extract files from HFS partitions.