16:9 VOB files playing back at wrong aspect ratio

I have seen another thread on this topic, but after a few posts, the thread just seemed to dry up, with no solution, so I have to ask as well.

As part of my other problem, I have been thinking of an alternate container for my videos. For my TV shows on DVD, I decided to stay with their default format of VOB. So to test, I got one of my TV shows, and ripped an episode to test playback etc…

The source was a PAL 720x576 (16:9) DVD

The output was a PAL 720x576 (16:9) DVD

Playing it in VLC results in correct playback, with no black bars in the frame.

Playing it on my Oppo BDP-103, results in correct, fullscreen playback, with no black bars on screen.

Playing on the WDLive results in a squashed frame, with black bars at the top and bottom.

Edit: Have just tried it on my Xperia Tablet Z, and it plays full screen on there too.

I have checked the output VOB with VOBEdit and you can see the info in the included image. This shows the size and aspect ratio to be correct. Now MediaInfo shows a different ratio, and that is 2.40:1… however, MediaInfo shows the bitrate incorrectly, and that makes me question whether it is pulling the aspect ratio from the right place in the file.

I cannot find any settings in the WD that will let me force the correct aspect ratio, so I am not sure what my options are. Had other players played the file incorrectly, then I would have blamed the VOB, but nothing else does. That makes me wonder if the WD is getting the same incorrect aspect ratio that MediaInfo is getting.

There is a setting for this.

Settings—>Audio/Video Output—>Aspect Ratio.

To play 16:9 you would choose Widescreen.

To play 4:3 you would choose Normal.

Any other aspect ratios may still display black bars.

The setting in the video setup has nothing to do with the file aspect. It should be set to match the TV, not the video format.

Yes thank you Tony for your opinion, but this is what I use as it works for me.

Page 173 of the manual says:

Aspect Ratio

Use this menu to select the way videos are displayed.

Options include: Normal(4:3) Widescreen(16:9)

The media player’s default setting is Widescreen.  Make sure your TV can support widescreen resolution, or this default settingcan result in a distorted video display.