12tb G-RAID Studio sort of working?


I replaced the drives in my 12tb G-RAID Studio with new hot swappable drives. When I initially installed them, upon booting I had two blue lights so I turned the drive around as I always do to have easier access to the ports on the back. I opened the Studio Configurator and set the drives to RAID 1 (6tb each). After configuring, my Mac Pro said it could not recognize the drive and wanted me to initialize in disk utility. I did that under OS Journaled, re-opened Studio Configurator and it lists the G-RAID Studio Thunderbolt, shows the name properly, says protected - RAID 1, shows proper capacity of 6tb, then says Status: Degraded, disks: 1

When I hit rebuild, the process just repeats itself, ie ma cant read it, reformat, etc etc. I now have a red light on one drive and the logo is illuminated red. What action do I need to take? I replaced the old drives to retrieve some info off of them and they read fine, but same light situation.

System is:
Mac Pro Late 2013
High Sierra 10.13.3
3.5 GHz 6 core Xeon E5
64gb ram
AMD FirePro D300 2gb


Depending on the drives you placed in it, the controller might not be compatible so it will always report degraded.

That device was only ever tested with HGST Ultrastar drives before it went out of production.

Make sure both drive slots are completely flush when the new drives are placed in. Other than a disconnect or power failure it shouldn’t knock the RAID1 to degraded unless the drives were not compatible with the enclosure.


I bought the drives from B&H photo specifically because they were listed as supported for this enclosure, came with the pop-up tabs and everything to “plug and play” out of the box. I have checked them and they are down as far as they can go and seated without issue that I can tell. Is there a fix for the degraded issue?


I highly recommend calling in to the phone support for a direct approach and live troubleshooting.