12 TB Duo for Synology RT2600 Storage (EXT4)

The Synology “Cloud Station Server” requires the drive to be formatted EXT4. I found this out when trying to enable “Home Services” and got the “need EXT4” popup. I assumed reformatting would be a trivial task using MiniTool Partition Manager but was wrong.

  1. After installing the MiniTool software, I plugged the new drive into the PC (Win 10) USB port.
  2. I was able to locate the Duo as a single, unified drive formatted as NTFS.
  3. I used the MiniTool to reformat the drive to EXT4 which took about 8 hours but ended with the software indicating the process was successful.
  4. I plugged the drive into the Router’s USB port and rebooted; now the drive is not visible to the Router.

Any ideas where I went wrong and how I might fix it? Any advice appreciated.

I don’t have any clue what might be wrong. It’s time to get a professional opinion.