10TB WD Elements Shows 465GB

I purchased a WD Elements 10 TB external drive in February. I am deployed and havent had consistent computer or internet access since then, so I wasn’t able to use the drive until April. When I plug the drive in to a Windows 10 PC it displays are 465 GBs. I have tried to remove all partitions and reformat the drive, with no change. I’ve used DISKPART Clean on the drive, reinitialize the drive with no change. Ive used the Western Digital drive diagnostic software which indicates the drive has no faults, and also shows it at 465 GB. Ive used a number of 3rd party drive utilities, all of which display the drive as only having 465 GB. I contacted Amazon, who was unwilling to accept a return because I am outside the return timeframe. I am not sure what else to do.

Contact WD support. If your device still under warranty, you can still get a replacement.

unless someone put a 500GB in a 10TB enclosure (465GB is the exact size of a 500GB in Windows … co-incidence ?)

i’d be curious if the OP double checked the Model Number in the WD Diagnostics or in CrystalDiskInfo