10Tb USB hub not accesible

I “accidentally” upgraded to OS 5 4 days back. Problem:-
whenever I plug in my Segate 10Tb USB hub (powered) the NAS hangs, I can no longer access the dashboard (unexpected error) and file explorer says “windows is unable to access 192.168.150”. i then need to pull the power cord and re-start to get it going again
However a Seagate 5Tb USB drive in the same slot works just fine. Anyone else facing a similar issue?


  1. Do you have “Mobile and Web Cloud Access” set to ON at the share level for both 5 and 10 TB USB hubs?
  2. What is the difference between the 10 TB and 5 TB? IE: partitions, filesystem format, etc…
  3. Have you opened a support case? If Yes, what’s your case number?


  1. I do not have “Mobile and Web Cloud Access” set to on for any of my shares. In the case of the 10 TB hub – it no longer shows up in my shares

  2. The 5 TB is a Seagate USB disk with a single partition ExFAT. The 10 TB is a powered Segate USB drive with 2 additional USB inputs

  3. No I have not yet opened a support ticket

Additional info – Since this problem began, around 5 days ago, on two occasions the 10 TB actually managed to connect without a fuss (screenshot attached)